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Sacred is a yoga, movement and meditation studio for grown folks & children. In community, we embody our bliss. Bring your age, size, ability, experience, hang-up, style and swagger. We know how to take you there. It’s a simple concept really: Love your body and your body will love you back. Sacred is the way you move.


I had some normal hesitations at first mostly “I’m going to be really bad at this.”  Everyone is extremely friendly though and has a sort of playful attitude about exercise and the body.


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Today’s Classes

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Class Announcements

Date Class Announcement
08/21/14 @ 8:00pm Salt + Honey Stephanie’s Focus for the Week:
There Are No Soloists in Nature’s Symphony. All the instruments of life work in concert to create balance and harmony. The steadiness of rock, the fluidity of water, the luminescence of the sun and the vastness of the sky. What an incredible thing to learn from nature…that when we are doing OUR thing we are in service to the whole. Flow with me this week @SacredStudio Brooklyn in a moving meditation of devotion. Life is music. Tune in and find your rhythm. 
Tuesday 10am-Sacred Flow
Thursday 10am-Foundations
Thursday 8pm-Salt and Honey
Sunday 6pm-Bhakti Flow
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Try a Week, You'll Fall in Love!

2 weeks unlimited classes in yoga, dance and fitness. No catch. Full disclosure: Consider us wellness-pushers, we want to give you a taste of what it's like to feel good naturally and then get you hooked for a lifetime.

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