30 Day Challenge – 2018

Did any of the following just happen?

  • A wave of nausea
  • A fleeting thought of – “I should do that”
  • A fleeting thought of – “I wish I could do that”
  • A full body experience of “Yes”
  • A full body experience of “No”, followed by instantaneous regret.
  • Your heart skipped a beat
  • You scurried away to the class schedule to see if it is at all possible
  • An insane feeling of jealousy suddenly overtook you.

Awesome! Sounds like you’re in. This year there we will limit it to 80 of us.  Here’s how it works.

  • Sign up here
  • Pay for the full 30 days: You can buy 30 days a la carte for $175. If you’re on an autopay contract or yearly plan this step has already been completed or you can sign up for an autopay or yearly plan. The entire 30 days must be covered by any package you choose – the reward will not begin until after the 30 days have been completed.
  • Attend a class everyday for 30 days straight at Sacred: You must begin the challenge between January 1 and January 10th.
  • Receive 30 FREE days of classes immediately following the challenge.


Can I take a class at either location?

Can I take 2 classes in a day to make up for missing a day?
No. There are no makeups.

What if I arrive late and miss class because (insert explanation)….?
Sorry. There are no makeups.

What if I need to be out of town for (insert explanation)…?
Sorry. There are no makeups.

What if I take class elsewhere and bring a note?
All classes must be taken at Sacred.

What if I came but didn’t sign in to class?
You must sign in every day for class. Otherwise we have no record of your attendance.

Which classes can I take?
Any class counts. You must attend the full class. Taking less crowded, early (not the last class of the day), andarriving early is advised.

Are there any exceptions?

When does my “free month” start?
As soon as your paid month ends. If you are on autopay, your next payment will be skipped. If you have a yearlypass, an extra month will be tacked on the end.

What if I don’t complete the challenge?
To thy own heart be true. So you took more classes, had some discoveries, and hung around great people. Sounds like a victory to me. The freebie at the end is just the icing on the cake anyway. You’re the cake. Yum.

This year all requests for exceptions will be forwarded to a robot who will repeat the rules automatically because I cannot be trusted. It’s a challenge, hence it’s challenging. The rules are firm.

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