A Little Bit Inappropriate

This whole studio is possibly a little inappropriate.

There’s the owner, who presently owns a Bikram studio and is now offering “hot yoga”. (Now she’s talking about her self in 3rd person, creepy)

There is talk of pole dancing.

There is the name, “sacred”. Is this going to be some kind of spiritual woo-woo cult?

There is no ballet or tap, but instead references to rather amorphous movements like Qoya, Nia, and Intensati.

There’s a clear imbalance in offerings geared more towards women than men. Unfair!
And wait until you see the final website, it’s decidedly “un-yoga”. Super inappropriate.

I remember the first time I was accused of being “inappropriate”.
I was in a notoriously corrupt homeless women’s shelter. Being inappropriate was both a pre-requisite for the job and cause for reprimand.

Here’s my confession. I took a long lunch with my cute assistant after I was encouraged to take more time for me. My super cool tattooed feminist boss called me into her office. She was beet red, enraged. I was confused. My assistant and I had palpable chemistry. There was someone with many voices in the background screaming that someone had stolen her babies and she wanted them back, NOW. I couldn’t quite find the words to defend myself though I waxed defensive all the way to a resignation. It would take me years to get to the bottom of the sting of being labeled “inappropriate”

The definitions of inappropriate taken from random on-line dictionaries just now
• not suitable for a particular occasion
• malapropos – of an inappropriate or incorrectly applied nature
• improper
• not in keeping with what is correct or proper;
• incongruous

If you want to create change, blaze a trail, or follow the call of your own inner wisdom, it’s going to require a little bit of inappropriate.

I’m not talking sharing your sexscapades on your cell phone while in line at the library or inviting the entire public into your domestic argument while en route to Midtown. (Though, yes he definitely will call you and no, you don’t deserve that). Conscious acts of being a little inappropriate will bring you beyond what’s expected and into creation.

Worst thing that happens is someone flings the I-word.
You probably wanted to quit that job any way. 😉