About Dara

When I was growing up in Evanston, Illinois I was usually the last one picked in gym class (even though I was pretty adorable), because I did not have my eye on the ball. In fact, my eyes were all over the place, and my clumsiness would often land me in the E.R. with unbelievable stories. As a teen, the discipline and mastery of Shotokan karate grounded me in a physical practice. Most of my youth and early adulthood I suffered the cultural crises of not loving myself, yet continually looked for the light. I worked for 15 years in social services practicing turning devastation into opportunity. Then I took my first Bikram Yoga class. Pabaaam! I was overcome with clarity and made a sharp left turn for Bikram’s teacher training. In 2007, I opened up a Bikram Yoga studio with one of my best friends. Holding space for students to claim their own light and healing was a dream. I am overwhelmingly grateful for the doorway Bikram yoga has been in claiming my own light.

Endorphin-rich, I continued to search. I discovered the School of Womanly Arts (SWA) and began to move beyond healing into thriving. As the 2009 Pleasure Revolutionary Award recipient, I am serious (yes, serious!) for your pleasure. Introduced to pleasure-based movement such as Nia, Sfactor, Qoya, 5 Rhythms, I found my inner-dancer. And I thought, well if I can do it then you certainly can. I began to dream about a space that could have it all. Sacred was born of this desire in deep love and gratitude. I am grateful for the clumsiness and struggle, which has put me on the path of embodiment, grace, and self-realization. I live with my super powerful super-goddess daughter named Xena and we dance often.