Energy Exchange

Are you a kind, enthusiastic, reliable, and capable student who would prefer to invest your time instead of $ at Sacred? Do you want to deepen your movement practices? Warning: Energy Exchange has a tendency to inspire students to become teachers.

What is Energy Exchange?

The intention of the Energy Exchange program is to support an active practice. Energy Exchange students are asked to commit to the position for a minimum of 3 months.

Energy Exchange duties include cleaning and maintenance of the facilities, supporting the front desk and otherwise contributing to a harmonious, efficient, and top-notch studio environment.   Energy Exchange get their hands dirty for the cause so please be prepared to scrub, wash, fold, shovel, sweep often while laughing or having deep and meaningful conversations.  Occasionally, a Energy Exchange trade will be created as a barter for a specific skill set.  So if you are a ninja with social media or a wordpress pro or something else you think we might need, feel free to make an offer.

How do I apply? We’re so glad you asked.  First, make sure you’ve taken at least a few classes at Sacred.  We’re a fit for a lot of people but not for everyone.  We offer free community classes on Saturdays at noon and a $25 two week intro to help get you started.  If you dig us, then please fill out this application

More questions?  Email

Sacred Brooklyn is closing. Our last day will be July 17. Please read our farewell announcement for more info.