Before I started coming to Sacred, I was worried about the heat.  Now, I feel stronger both physically and mentally, and much more flexible.

–Sarah Baxter | Ad Operations

I had some normal hesitations at first mostly “I’m going to be really bad at this.”  Everyone is extremely friendly though and has a sort of playful attitude about exercise and the body.

Katie Thompson

Sacred has totally changed my daily routine for the better! I was a dancer when I was younger for about 13 years and then had to quit because of an injury and I just never got back into it because life and work just took up all my time. I have ways felt that need to have it back in my life but just hadn’t found a studio that I felt comfortable in or that was close to my house. Sacred is 2 blocks from me and I go almost everyday now! Everything I have learned here has been new and awesome from hot yoga to pole dancing. I am addicted to the pole dancing classes and really have been able to tap into parts of myself as a woman that I was missing.  Going to yoga centers to lot too. Thank you so much for opening up my world of dance again. I’m so grateful!

Elizabeth Shiveley | Executive Chef

Before Sacred, I was involved in Vinyassa flow yoga and I was certain that the hot style would take the joy out of the practice. I also felt like the intensity would be unhealthy, and the classes would be full of hyper vigilant waifs. When I went to my first class my doubts softened when I saw women of all shapes and sizes. I struggled through the class, but I left feeling elated. Since then have been hooked on hot yoga.

–Megan Marzo, Social Worker

I’m happier and I glow when I practice regularly…people notice. Not all at this studio but I’ve lost 46 pounds in a little over 3 months with hot yoga and weight watchers. Lots of people ask me what I’ve been doing.

–Brandi Tape

Extremely warm and personable staff, the place is IMMACULATE!!!!

–Rashida J. Joshua

Sacred is like a dream come true for me! I have been there almost every day since demo week, and all of the classes are bringing me and my family immense pleasure. It is like a whole new world. I have loved the hot yoga- Warm 60 and Hot 90-and really enjoy the Evolation approach. I have been inspired by Qoya since the very first class I ever took 2 years ago- what organic genius! You simply have to try it. It has been a joy to be able to bring my son to Sacred as well- he and I have particularly enjoyed the Grownup and Me Nia class. Every aspect of Sacred- from the design and décor of the space to the offerings to the teachers to the schedule to the community-has at its heart such considered intention and attention. I feel immensely grateful and fortunate to be part of it

–Valerie Killen, Mom/Wife/Singer/Songwriter/Early Childhood Educator/Administrator

This is the type of therapy that every woman should have.

–Mai-elka Prado

The instructors are amazing!!! We had JillAnne and Tracey so far for beginner pole, and they are experienced, supportive, helpful, and SO NICE!!! The receptionist is very welcoming and the studio is clean, inviting, and has a great overall atmosphere. I love how the studio offers coconut water for hydration, and the prices are AMAZING. Sacred is great! I wish I lived closer (I’m from Westchester County).

–Christina Wilson

Ever since I have started working out at Sacred, I have noticed so many benefits in my body, life, and health! First, I have noticed an improvement in my tone, my physique, and my stamina! My muscles are longer and more defined, my flexibility has improved, and I am able to keep challenging myself to new limits. Second, I find that my mind is more at ease. I have been able to take the meditation skills I have learned and apply those at other times. I have found that I am less stressed, I get better sleep, and I am able to focus more on the things that I need to. My life has also changed dramatically; I have a more positive outlook, I feel like I can accomplish anything, and most of all I feel great about myself.

–Rehana Meghani

Since reinitiating my practice at Sacred, I feel a renewed sense of acceptance towards my body. Something about carving out that time to set an intention of gentleness and strength, at the end of a 90 minute class I feel I am capable of doing nearly anything so long as I allow myself to make the attempt. It’s powerful, it really is. Dripping in sweat and completely wiped out, I always leave class feeling fortunate for my body and its amazing abilities.

–Kela Martinez

I am thankful to all of the instructors for offering such wonderful classes and to the owners for opening a permanent space in Bed-Stuy! With the stresses our community faces, I am grateful for a place of refuge.

–Nakisha Henry

I love that the teachers are allowed to personalize their classes. Variety is the spice of life! Even a slightly different flavor, teaching style, pacing, inclusion of music, or a special meditation can make a huge impact on how the student experiences the class.

Toni Blackman | Artist & Social Entrepreneur