Sacred Gives Back

Sacred is committed to serving our community.

Free Saturdays at Noon

CommunityEvery Saturday the 60 minute Warm class is absolutely 100% free on a first come, first served basis. No $ or explanation required. Weโ€™d prefer for you to bring a mat or towel from home, but if you donโ€™t have one, you can use ours, free of cost. Please feel free to stay for meditation following.

Meditation is Always Free

meditationWhile we love to move here at Sacred, we also acknowledge the power of sitting in stillness. Through a variety of techniques, a dedicated space, and a community of seekers, we allow internal focus, calm, and quiet to develop. If sitting is physically challenging for you, we have chairs for your comfort. Rest assured, if stillness is mentally or emotionally challenging for you, meditation will help.

Work-Study Program

Work StudySacred is staffed primarily through the efforts of our talented work-study team. This is a great option for students high on reliability and enthusiasm, but low on cash. Click here to apply for more information and to apply for the work-study program.