April: New Life (An Invitation to Melt after the Rains)

Time is a funny animal.  For me, there’s something about growing older and having growing children that beckons me forward into my personal and our collective greatness.  There’s an urgency to heal my bad habits, limiting thoughts, or distractions and have presence so I don’t miss this, as poet Mary Oliver calls it one wild and precious life.
The practice, of course, is how to do this amidst real life challenges like the mundane picking up of snack shrapnel from the rug, or the vigilance of trying to keep your heart in tact in the current politic, or all the very real struggles of being a human.  You know the human grind of having a body: navigating paying bills, mental health, addiction, family, love, hate, jealousy, injury, death and more.  In each moment is an opportunity to dull or awaken.
In a moment we are zapped back to the moment, awestruck by something that romances our souls so much that we are re-sensitized to our own aliveness; think – a double rainbow, a child’s laughter,  a poem that captures the very essence of a thing, a lover’s embrace. Sometimes, the moment takes us in by way of tragedy, temporarily slapping us out of our narcissistic stupor; maybe some of you remember in the wake of 9/11, the air still smelling and tasting of death how we held each other and time seemed to slow down as we leaned in?  Present as can be.
Our theme for this month is New Life.  It’s cosmically directed and seasonally ripe.  You can read the astrological interpretation by Sacred’s astrologer, Virginia Rosenberg here.
The other night, my friend April, (how perfect that her name, month and theme align perfectly!) expressed that she feels like her edges are vibrating – like a caterpillar about to explode out of her cocoon and into a whole NEW LIFE.  I had recently learned that in the process of metamorphosis, the caterpillar almost MELTS completely, releasing enzymes that digest nearly all of it’s own body.  In that melting all that remains is deep nutrients that form a butterfly.
I invite you to take a conscious active role in melting away all that remains of winter and stepping into this feeling of New Life.  Maybe that means making YOLO more than an emoji, re-invigorating your practice, or taking time to let go of thought, things, and yes – people that don’t fit into your New Life.  Or maybe it’s embodying the liquid nature of this transition, releasing control and succumbing to the flow, despite the inevitable discomfort.
In Qoya this week, we will be sending prayers and raising funds to the McKinnon family.  Lindsay McKinnon, a Qoya teacher and lightworker and her husband Tom lost their two sons and their home to a fire last week.  You can also donate to the McKinnons and their friends who were visiting during the time of the fire, the Montoyas, here.  The class will be themed This Human Life with an invitation is to dance all of it, the blessings and struggles of life, the expansive moments of deep love and humble loss. The dance happens Sunday at 7pm and will be a devotional offering, a love medicine for the ones in need.