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June: Curiosity


Curious George is a silly monkey. His curiosity often leads him to break the rules and break boundaries. Interestingly enough, his good natured, yet defiant sneaky ways make him extra-lovable and lead him (and the reader by association) on the most wonderful of adventures. I remember the first time, I heard a yoga teacher instruct […]

May: Steady Growth


When I teach, I am often in awe of the dedication I witness on the mat.  Often we set intentions at the top of class to tether our discipline and work to something grander than a physical conquest.  Each moment becomes an opportunity to embody our intentions, through breath, focus, mindfulness, and attention we become […]


July is the new January.  Why? We can’t fit more than 50 people into our January 30 day Challenge without absolute mayhem. It’s the 7th month (So lucky – 7 chakras, lucky #, sacred numerology with 7 abounds) It’s a month where you may have more time to take class It starts with J like January Did […]

30 Day Challenge – 2015

UPDATE: The 30 Day Challenge is now full.  If you sign up now you will be placed on a waitlist in case someone drops out before the 4th. Did any of the following just happen? A wave of nausea A fleeting thought of – “I should do that” A fleeting thought of – “I wish […]

ChiChi- We Salute You! A Good Life


Dear Family, How do we continue on, in the midst of this tremendous loss? I turn to the words that inspired ChiChi for guidance. If you can, you must. I am beyond grateful for the outpouring of love and support as we grieve our collective loss. Truly, this is the most incredible and loving community […]

Pay What You Desire Week
September 15th – 21st


We’ve got a brand new schedule and we’re looking forward to filling the rooms with your generosity + enthusiasm. Pay whatever you desire for any class from September 15th. Highlights: By popular demand, earlier – early morning classes. Funk Ballet is back for one season only. 12pm classes almost every weekday Friday night pole triple threat Meditation 4 times/week […]