Fall 2019 Session

Invite health and well being into your life! Immerse yourself in the practices of Ayurveda, and learn simple and practical ways to be your most vibrant and radiant self. Unique to this system is the constitutional types (doshas) based on the five elements: Vata, Pitta and Kapha Dosha. We each have our own particular combination and expression of these doshas, and can learn to notice and shift our habitual tendencies that lead us to states of imbalance and disease. This training is wonderful for teachers to invite deeper healing into their classes and lives as well as practitioners who want to learn ways to bring more balance and peacefulness into their being.  Join Leigh Evans and nourish your body and mind with yoga poses, ayurvedic practices, and lifestyle tips to bring balance to your being and life.

Upon completion, you will receive 16 CE credit hours.


Leigh Evans (E-RYT-500) is the founder and director of the Yoga Sukhavati Teacher Training Programs. Yoga Sukhavati’s Seasonal vinyasa practices are infused with Ayurveda, Buddhism, and Women’s practices. Passionate yogi and explorer, Leigh is a go-to resource for expert alignment, Ayurveda Yoga, seasonal wellness practices, sleep yoga, and women’s yoga practices, Through decades of teaching thousands of students, Leigh’s seasoned approach to the practice can transform any student who craves insight on the body and the human experience. From the study of Yoga and Ayurveda in India to Thai Massage in Chiang Mai, Leigh’s breadth of knowledge gives her the tools to teach practical applications that can change students’ everyday lives.  Leigh teaches teacher trainings, retreats, workshops, and festivals nationally and internationally.

Course Topics

  • Foundations of Ayurveda
  • Doshas – Vata, Pitta, Kapha
  • Gunas – Sattva, Rajas, Tamas
  • Ayurveda yoga sequences
  • Seasonal self-care
  • Skills for a balanced life

Dates & Times

The 16-hour program will meet in November 2019. Hours are 9:00am-6:30pm (with a 12:00pm-1:30pm lunch break).

Specific Dates Are As Follows:

  • November 9–10, 2019



  • $265 Early bird discount if paid by October 9, 2019
  • $315 Regular rate if paid in full by November 9, 2019




For more information or to sign up, visit the studio, call 212.533.YOGA (9642) or email info@sacredbrooklyn.com.



Q. Do I need to be a yoga teacher to take this training?
A. The Ayurveda teacher training is open to everyone. These practices will help everyone to find balance in their life!

Q. If I am a yoga teacher, how will I be able to incorporate this training into my classes and my own practice.
A. Unique to Ayurveda is the constitutional types (doshas) based on the five elements: Vata, Pitta and Kapha Dosha. This training will give you a deep understanding of the doshas and simple daily practices to help you find balance in your daily life. During the course of the training you will experience yoga sequences that are created to specifically bring each dosha into balance. You will learn how to create yoga sequences to balance each of the doshas that you can practice and teach.

Ayurveda Vata flow
In this session we will explore Ayurvedic practices to balance the air element, vata dosha, in the body and mind. Are you feeling a bit scattered and fragmented? Is it difficult for you to focus and complete projects? Do you often feel anxious or nervous? Do you have insomnia? Do you suffer from arthritis? If you are experiencing any of these things, your vata dosha may be out of balance. In this session, we will nourish your body and mind with yoga sequences infused with grounding Ayurveda self-care practices to help you relax and experience a more peaceful state of being. Enjoy the gifts of vata dosha in balance – creativity, agility, enthusiasm, insight, clarity, and deep spiritual connection.

Ayurveda Pitta Flow
Are you stressed out? Are you judgmental, or critical? Do you get angry easily? Do you have rashes or other skin issues? Do you suffer from acid reflux? If any of these If you are experiencing any of these things, your pitta dosha may be out of balance. In this session, immerse yourself in a calming, cooling yoga practice to help you balance your pitta dosha. Enjoy the gifts of pitta dosha in balance – intelligence, clarity, brilliant leadership, ability to be organized and efficient.

Ayurveda Kapha Flow
Are you feeling sluggish, tired, or lazy? Are you stuck in a rut? Do you have difficulties with getting too attached to people and things? If yes, your Kapha dosha, the water and earth element, may be out of balance. In this session, enjoy a vibrant, active, yoga practice infused with heating, cleansing postures and Ayurvedic practices to balance your kapha dosha. Let the love, and deeply nurturing Kapha dosha shine through your heart and being!

Q. How is seasonal self-care associated with Ayurveda and yoga?
A. Through keen observation of nature and the self, the ayurvedic healers and ancient yogis realized universal principles that applied to all living things. They developed systems of healing based on understanding that humans are composed of the same elemental constituents as all of nature. Throughout the yearly cycle, there are different elements that are more predominant in each season. The increase of these elements affects everything in the natural world including us. Seasonal self-care practices harmonize our inner rhythms with the energetic and elemental changes of each season bringing us back into balance and health. They are a holistic approach to yoga practice, diet, and lifestyle.



“Ayurveda with Leigh Evans has given me a deeper understanding of this subject and I am inspired to continue to study further. The connection of asana with Ayurveda was brought to light. Just as our yoga practice brings awareness to how we move, Ayurveda can help us bring awareness to our health off the mat. Leigh also shared her knowledge on how we can adapt these practices to specific self-care needs of a yoga teacher. I highly recommend studying this topic with her.”
– Karen C, SSY 300 HR graduate, 2018

“My experiences with Leigh Evans’ Ayurveda module was unbelievable. Leigh is so knowledgeable on every topic with this ancient healing art. What I learned from this weekend definitely helped me understand how the body and mind balance is so important in order to live a healthy life. I highly recommend this program if you are looking to add Ayurveda into your life.”
– Mi Han Chiu, SSY 300 HR graduate, 2018