Black Lives Matter: Yoga Space for Healing + Justice

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Tuesday, June 9th 

Peace is Power (Open to All Teens + Adults) with Tanya Farmer

60 minute power vinyasa class followed by 15 minutes yoga nidra. Embody your power, embrace your peace. Proceeds to Alliance for Quality Education 


Wednesday, June 10th 6-7:15pm

Embodied Joy (BIPOC Only)with Stephanie Battle 

Oppression comes in many forms, and is both pervasive and subtle, often making us wonder if we’re actually experiencing it. Micro aggression is meant to confuse, silence, shrink, even erase. It’s the stealer of joy. When we experience embodied joy we reclaim our inherent creativity! Join me as we tap into this well-spring through our remembering, playful sequences, guided movement meditation, breath work and self massage. Proceeds to the Emergency Release Fund.

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Thursday, June 11th 6:00-7:30pm

Visualizing Black Liberation (BIPOC Only) with Najma Dawood & Gina Roch

In this workshop, we will come together to create a safe space for Black and Indigenous people to be in community with one another. We will draw upon our intuition and ancestral wisdom to promote our collective and self healing. From this class you will be able to develop techniques for cultivating a safe space within, that will help inform your role in our collective liberation. Proceeds to Brooklyn Bridge Flow

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Friday, June 12th 5:30-6:45pm

Flow with Heart (QTBIPOC Only) with Marisa Hall

Take some time to intentionally set up your space, check in, and embody where your heart is right now. In this class, you’ll be guided through steady movement alongside hip and heart-opening postures to gently disrupt stagnant energy and move toward moments of balanced equilibrium. Together we’ll build heat, and find time to rest – above all else this class is meant to hold space for you to refuel, so take what you need. Proceeds to the Sylvia Rivera Law Project

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Saturday, June 13th 10:30-11:30am

Power in Solidarity – HIIT Class (Open to All) with Ge Wang

This class will help you sweat off your frustration to restore inner peace, build endurance to keep the fight going and challenge yourself to stay committed to the work of racial justice. This class doesn’t require equipment, although a couple of dumbbells will be beneficial if you have them available. Proceeds to Sacred Teacher Emergency Fund

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Sunday, June 14th 10:00-11:15am

I Can Breathe (Open to All) with Aqila Norris

I Can Breathe ….. for you family and I, allow this next breath to guide actions that advance humanity with healing and love 💗 #RiP #Georgefloyd #BreonnaTaylor and all the Casualties of the Police …. Also to all the casualties of Covid-19 for lack of our Governments timely response. And today I invite you to know where the power lies. You don’t have a hold on me ….I am free to breathe life into this movement…. for all huemanity….. A Breathy Sacred Slow Flow 

Proceeds to Sacred Emergency Teacher Fund 

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Sunday, June 14th 4pm-5:15pm

Go Deeper to Heal (Open to All) with Mecca Nelson

In this mixed yoga, martial arts, and meditation class, we will move through energy of fear, anger, hurt, grief, frustration, and despair. We will allow vulnerability to receive healing from trauma in order to rebuild a bond that has been broken. Allow movement to assuage anger and explore your feelings by reframing your thoughts.

Proceeds to the Humble Haitian Warrior Project

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Monday, June 15th 6:15-7:30pm

Worthy (Black Folx Only) with Margeaux House 

Tap into your place of personal power, find strength in your self worth and rebalance your spirit.

Proceeds to Pretty Brown Girl

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Tuesday, June 16th 12-1:15pm

Restorative Yoga to Soothe Trauma Wounds (BIPOC Only) with Francine Taylor

We are tired, so let’s rest. Join me for a slow intentional flow to find our feet and remember the earth holding us steady. Grab bed pillows, throw pillows, and blankets and rest in simple restorative poses. Listen to inspired prose and poetry by Black authors meant to soothe your weary soul.

Proceeds to the Marsha P. Johnson Institute 

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Thursday, June 18th 5:30-7pm

Sacred Black Sol (BIPOC Only) with Amanda Valdes 

In light of current events, Sacred Brooklyn welcomes you to commune in a healing circle to share , breathe and move. This virtual offering is to honor the pain, grief, anger that we endure and hold space for healing and cultivating nourishment, love and joy. Amanda Gloria Valdes – Yoga/Meditation Teacher/Teaching Artist will hold space to illuminate Black Lives and Cultivate Joy. The class will include a circle for sharing, gentle flow onto a restorative practice.

Proceeds to the Loveland Foundation

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Friday, June 19th 4pm – 5:00pm

Respond and Able, Responsible (BIPOC Only) with Crystelle Reola

“If you are free, you need to free somebody else. If you have some power, then your job is to empower somebody else.” -Toni Morrison 

The intention for this class is to inspire light and leadership with inner-standing and strength. Through mindful movement and affirmations, we will release energy that does not serve us, recognize and empower our unique body, mind and spirit, and create space to listen, live, and vocalize our truth. 

Proceeds to Watering Whole 

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Monday, June 22nd 9-9:30am

Making Space for Healing and Reflection through Mindful Breath and Meditation (Open to All) with Morgan Brewton-Johnson

Join us for a 30-minute breathwork and meditation session to practice settling our minds and opening our hearts in order to make space for mindful self care and reflection. This class will use pranayama as the primary anchor for this mindfulness practice, but no prior experience with breath work or meditation is required. The instructor will speak from her experience as a Black Woman using mindfulness to make space for self-love, but allies are invited to join and use the time to reflect inwardly as well. Proceeds to The Loveland Foundation’s Therapy Fund for Black Women and Girls 

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Tuesday, June 23rd 2-3:15pm

Gathering Your Heart Space (BIPOC Only) with Tatiana Fenner 

A cleansing and clearing gentle flow that focuses on healing and strengthening the heart chakra through guided meditation and a grounded-based movement. Proceeds to The Loveland Foundation’s Therapy Fund for Black Women and Girls 

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Saturday, June 27th 4-5:15pm

Build Inner Safety: Restorative Flow (Open to All) with Miho Nizowa

This 75 minute flow will center around restorative postures to help you access the peace of your inner temple. Together, we will use movement and breath to build a stronger sense of safety within our bodies and minds. Proceeds from this class will be directed towards the Sacred Teacher Fund to help support our work with Black Lives Matter and the impact of the coronavirus. Proceeds to Sacred Teacher Emergency Fund

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Sunday, June 28th 10:00-11:15am

Prenatal Yoga (BIPOC Only) with Donna Castelblanco 

Join a virtual community of BIPOC pregnant folx for a trauma-informed prenatal yoga class. Each class starts with a check-in where students are invited but not obligated to share what’s going on during their birth journey. Then, students can safely explore their changing bodies through breath work and poses.This is a unique opportunity to prepare for pregnancy and birth – to learn coping skills and encourage balance/alignment to your pelvic floor. Proceeds to Parenting for Liberation

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Sacred Brooklyn is closing. Our last day will be July 17. Please read our farewell announcement for more info.