July is the new January.  Why? We can’t fit more than 50 people into our January 30 day Challenge without absolute mayhem. It’s the 7th month (So lucky – 7 chakras, lucky #, sacred numerology with 7 abounds) It’s a month where you may have more time to take class It starts with J like January Did […]

30 Day Challenge – 2015

UPDATE: The 30 Day Challenge is now full.  If you sign up now you will be placed on a waitlist in case someone drops out before the 4th. Did any of the following just happen? A wave of nausea A fleeting thought of – “I should do that” A fleeting thought of – “I wish […]

ChiChi- We Salute You! A Good Life


Dear Family, How do we continue on, in the midst of this tremendous loss? I turn to the words that inspired ChiChi for guidance. If you can, you must. I am beyond grateful for the outpouring of love and support as we grieve our collective loss. Truly, this is the most incredible and loving community […]

Dia De Los Muertos: Ritual Yoga + Live Music + Homemade Tamales October 30th, 2014


In community, we CELEBRATE our loved ones, ancestors and teachers that have passed.  This year we will also be breaking bread together in commemoration of all the ways the departed continue to nourish us. Highlights An altar of photos and mementos honoring our loved ones (Yes, you can take your items with you when you leave) The […]

Inversion Immersion Take 2 with Anna Farkas – Sept 20

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Are you feeling stuck…on the ground? Learn to fly and experience the freedom and weightlessness of being upside down! Inversions stimulate the mind, increase energy, and lift and strengthen the spirit and body. We will explore the anatomy of inversions and play with asanas with beginning to advanced variations to begin or deepen your practice.

Pay What You Desire Week
September 15th – 21st


We’ve got a brand new schedule and we’re looking forward to filling the rooms with your generosity + enthusiasm. Pay whatever you desire for any class from September 15th. Highlights: By popular demand, earlier – early morning classes. Funk Ballet is back for one season only. 12pm classes almost every weekday Friday night pole triple threat Meditation 4 times/week […]