Sacred’s Very Own, Roz Mays “The Diva” BRINGS IT!

I probably should wait until the videos erupt on Youtube before I send this, but I just can’t help myself. My voice is hoarse and my heart is burst wide open because THE DIVA WON POLESQUE LAST NIGHT! Polesque is a jaw-dropping night of pole-dancing and burlesque performances featuring the most friendly amateur pole-dancing competition […]

Spring Feelings of New

Guest Blogpost by Alexis Arvidson I am experiencing this spring in a huge way. Newness around every corner. My practice is expanding to include Brooklyn, I’m planning a wedding with my beloved, and I’m finishing up the first stage of the most profound training I have been privy to in this lifetime. Everything feels expansive, […]

Dance Fight

I named my daughter Xena, the warrior princess. She lives up to her name, fierce and sassy just like her mama. And sometimes we can get very very frustrated. Like if she’s having a nail painting emergency or needs to watch Blue’s Birthday right now and I’m busy or distracted. At these moments, I’ve learned […]

Yoga and Weight Loss – The Absolute Truth

She asks: I heard you are opening up a yoga studio in the neighborhood? Will it work? Will I lose weight? I need to get in shape, girl. I answer, sort of. Yes, I’m opening up a hot yoga studio. And other stuff too. There’s going to be meditation, pole dancing, hula-hooping and rebounding and […]