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February: Shine Your Light


Dear Friend, How do we stay committed to self-care and stay engaged? With daily woecasts, it can be challenging to stay present, powerful, and connected to light. We can become consumers of darkness until it becomes difficult to distinguish personal depression from the collective despair. Was choosing joy inside of struggle (ever-present) a skill you were […]

January: Slow Down to Feel


We made it! For many of us, 2016 was a trying year, teeming with losses.  Our lessons were often through the grief!  Life’s fragility seemed ever-present.  Recovery time seemed next to nil.  But still, folks fell in love, had babies, birthed dreams, made some stuff, healed some things.  Beyond the horizon –  Spirit seemed to […]

July: Embracing Emotion


June was a rough ride. I was grateful for the forewarning in our resident astrologer Virginia Rosenberg’s June forecast and her strategic advice to relinquish attempts to control outcome and insist on curiosity.  As I stood in the aftermath of my personal windstorm, trying to salvage, dust-off and reassemble my Self only for the rains […]

June: Curiosity


Curious George is a silly monkey. His curiosity often leads him to break the rules and break boundaries. Interestingly enough, his good natured, yet defiant sneaky ways make him extra-lovable and lead him (and the reader by association) on the most wonderful of adventures. I remember the first time, I heard a yoga teacher instruct […]

May: Steady Growth


When I teach, I am often in awe of the dedication I witness on the mat.  Often we set intentions at the top of class to tether our discipline and work to something grander than a physical conquest.  Each moment becomes an opportunity to embody our intentions, through breath, focus, mindfulness, and attention we become […]