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July 30 Day Challenge 2016

30 heart

July is the new January.  Why? We can’t fit more than 50 people into our January 30 day Challenge without absolute mayhem. It’s the 7th month (So lucky – 7 chakras, lucky #, sacred numerology with 7 abounds) It’s a month where you may have more time to take class It starts with J like January Did […]

Gratitude for the Prison Yoga Project Benefit

Dear Friends, One week ago, just like right now, I was up early, sleepless. The problem?  I had just experienced one of those moments when life itself had expanded so much and so quickly, that it left me stumped, overwhelmed, full. It was the morning after the Prison Yoga Benefit and my muscles ached from […]

Friday December 2nd: Prison Yoga Project Benefit

Last Reminder about tomorrow’s festivities! Prison Yoga Project Benefit Friday, December 2, 2011 7:30 PM until Saturday, December 3, 2011 1:00 AM The Prison Yoga Project Benefit Drinks-Raffles-Silent Auction Yoga Classes by Donation (Suggested Minimum $10) Sign up here 7am – 8am Beginner Warm Yoga 10am – 11:15  Hot Flow 12pm – 108 Sun Salutations for Change […]

Sacred’s Very Own, Roz Mays “The Diva” BRINGS IT!

I probably should wait until the videos erupt on Youtube before I send this, but I just can’t help myself. My voice is hoarse and my heart is burst wide open because THE DIVA WON POLESQUE LAST NIGHT! Polesque is a jaw-dropping night of pole-dancing and burlesque performances featuring the most friendly amateur pole-dancing competition […]