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March: Be the Healing – Guest Post by Aimee Cox


Take Care. Take good care. Take care of yourself. We say these phrases casually. Informal parting words that leave our lips so easily they have lost their meaning. But, what a beautiful and weighty mandate – to implore one another to look after ourselves! In these tumultuous and confusing times – where our social, political, […]

Kemetic Yoga: Darshania’s Journey


I was introduced to Kemetic ( Egyptian ) Yoga in 1996. The feeling that I received from learning and practicing this ancient way gave me a whole new way to look at myself and in myself. I was very ecstatic to learn that ancient Egyptians practiced yoga and it gave me a confidence about myself […]

Spring Feelings of New

Guest Blogpost by Alexis Arvidson I am experiencing this spring in a huge way. Newness around every corner. My practice is expanding to include Brooklyn, I’m planning a wedding with my beloved, and I’m finishing up the first stage of the most profound training I have been privy to in this lifetime. Everything feels expansive, […]