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January: Slow Down to Feel


We made it! For many of us, 2016 was a trying year, teeming with losses.  Our lessons were often through the grief!  Life’s fragility seemed ever-present.  Recovery time seemed next to nil.  But still, folks fell in love, had babies, birthed dreams, made some stuff, healed some things.  Beyond the horizon –  Spirit seemed to […]


July is the new January.  Why? We can’t fit more than 50 people into our January 30 day Challenge without absolute mayhem. It’s the 7th month (So lucky – 7 chakras, lucky #, sacred numerology with 7 abounds) It’s a month where you may have more time to take class It starts with J like January Did […]

30 Day Challenge – 2015

UPDATE: The 30 Day Challenge is now full.  If you sign up now you will be placed on a waitlist in case someone drops out before the 4th. Did any of the following just happen? A wave of nausea A fleeting thought of – “I should do that” A fleeting thought of – “I wish […]

July is the New January – 30 Day Challenge Part II

Confession – Sacred has a 30 Day Challenge Problem.  In January, so many of you signed up, we were bursting at the seams.  It was absolutely the most beautiful insanity I have ever seen.  We can’t squeeze that many luscious bodies into our 2014 challenge and will be limiting entry to 50 dedicated souls.  To make […]

Sacred Brooklyn and Sacred Sounds are combining forces.

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