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Pay What You Desire + New Classes May 20-26

Demo Week - Pay What You Desire

All Classes – All Week Pay what you want – First Come, First Served Pre-register for $5, $10, $15 classes or pay another amount at the door.Check the schedule, check the schedule, check the schedule + Sign up early to claim your spot. New classes + new times + changes all week. New Classes – Liquid with Monstah Black –  Featuring “core” warm up, incorporating elements […]

30 Day Challenge 2013, You in?

Drumroll please…. (really do it, it adds to the flare of the email even if it’s internally) THE 30 DAY CHALLENGE 2013   Did any of the following just happen? A wave of nausea A fleeting thought of – “I should do that” A fleeting thought of – “I wish I could do that” A […]

Yoga Teacher Barbie

They’ve done it. I can imagine my curly-haired, almond-skinned daughter squealing to her friends, “she’s a yoga teacher. just like my mama.” Next they roll out the tiny mat and fix her just right in a kneeling pose since that Barbie high heel permanent point won’t allow her to stand in Tadasana. My seventies progressive […]