Dangerous Curves: An Interview with Roz Mays, Sacred Pole Instructor

On August 25th 2012, Sacred pole dance instructor Roz “the Diva” Mays and Sacred Studio hosted Dangerous Curves the first national competition to highlight the unique contributions of plus size pole athletes.   Following the overwhelming success of this stellar extravaganza, Roz brings us some personal insight on pole dancing, risk-taking, and plus-sized athleticism.

How did you start pole dancing?

I began my life as a gym rat at Crunch in March 2007.  I saw pole dancing on the schedule, but didn’t try it for a few months.  After my first class, I was sore for a week!  It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done with my body, but also the greatest workout of my life.  I’ve been hooked ever since.

Why is pole dancing important?

I have taken hundreds of group fitness classes, but none have ignited the emotional firestorm pole dancing has.  Pole lets me be me: loud, creative, outspoken, overtly sexual and athletic.  Teaching pole has put me in a position to empower others with skills to live healthier lives.  I couldn’t imagine this sport not being a part of my life.

Why pole dancing for plus-sized women?

Why not?  Life doesn’t begin 20 lbs from now.

What did Dangerous Curves mean for you?

Over the past year, I’ve been looking for open doors that were wide enough to fit for my professional ambitions and love of pole. I couldn’t find any, so I took a sledgehammer named Dangerous Curves to the wall and made my own entrance. I’m working to keep that entrance, and many more, open for everyone to electric slide their way in.

Dangerous Curves was also the first time I invited my family to see me perform.  I was nervous about how they would react — let’s be real, I dance almost naked in public — but they were, and always have been, amazingly supportive.  From now on, I am going to direct those who disapprove of my work to speak with my 71-year-old grandmother, who is bringing her friends to my next recital.

What’s next?

I want to continue finding ways to recognize the underdogs of pole dancing.  In addition to plus size athletes, I want to highlight the contributions of African-Americans (ready to join forces, Alvin Ailey?).  And dare I dream of a Dangerous Curves national tour . . .?

How do you stand for loving your curves even as you slim down?

I am an advocate of curves attached to a healthy body, whatever that looks like.   As a fitness diva, I have a responsibility to exemplify a healthy lifestyle. For me, that means dropping 18 more pounds to achieve a weight that will set me up for a long, sexy life.  Others may feel different, but when I’m 99-years-old and still busting a serious grove, we can rehash this debate.

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