Farewell Announcement

Dear Sacred  Community,Throughout this pandemic year, I have asked for clarity about what’s next. As you probably know, the yoga and fitness industry has been decimated by the pandemic and is in the process of being remade.  I hope it is remade into spaces that are more equitable, life-affirming, and sustainable. Upon re-opening, I am saddened but clear that there is no sustainable path forward for Sacred at this time.

Building and sustaining Sacred has been one of the most important experiences of my lifetime.  It has shaped me and changed me, stretched me and grown me and now this cycle is complete.  There is a new chapter that wants to be written and it’s time for me to pause long enough to listen.

Letting go is not easy and I would have preferred a neater, more perfect ending, but as we all know destruction breeds creation and there is only so much in this life experience we can control.

I hope that Sacred’s seeds are scattered far and deep, sprout roots, grow wild and bloom endlessly.  I hope they show up in the ways you lead, share, serve, love, grieve and live. My gratitude for Sacred’s teachers, graduates, managers, and work-study members is endless. They have helped co-create the most magical dream into being with so much heart and sweat. I hope that your experiences at Sacred whether for years or for a day inspire you in your life and bring you closer to the truth of your wholeness.

We will maintain our in-person and live-stream classes until July 18th. All autopays will be paused immediately. Please use your memberships and class cards. I’ll be sharing more information about farewell celebrations, pop-up sales, and all things about the transition as they emerge.

I wanted to share this big news as soon as possible with all of you. While I won’t be responding to emails this weekend, please feel free to reply and Katie or I will respond as soon as we can. Please understand this decision is new and tender. We are a tiny staff right now, so please be patient with us.

While Sacred is closing, please know to be in Community with you is a forever blessing.

Love, Dara