February: Shine Your Light

Dear Friend,

How do we stay committed to self-care and stay engaged? With daily woecasts, it can be challenging to stay present, powerful, and connected to light. We can become consumers of darkness until it becomes difficult to distinguish personal depression from the collective despair. Was choosing joy inside of struggle (ever-present) a skill you were taught? Were you handed down resilience from generation to generation? Or is shining your light in the shadows a new choice for you?

For me, I used to be most comfortable in dark places. I sought work in places filled with despair and fraught with dysfunction. On more than one occasion I ended my workday to find a stray dog just sitting there on the curb looking at me, hopelessly hoping. So, I took a dog home. Then another one. I named them all Shmata, a Yiddish word my grandma used to describe my clothing choices meaning “old rags” One day a scared abused Rottweiler bit my sister requiring stitches and shots on the opening night of her one-woman show. Consuming darkness without the skill to ignite your own light has a price for you and the ones you love.

As a child, when things felt bleak, I visualized a light at the end of a tunnel. The dark was now. The light was later. My mantra was “wait it out.” In retrospect, there’s not much joy in the wait-it-out method and it doesn’t seem to beckon the light forward. Future light-thinking can keep you alive, although just short of actually living – a solid temporary fix.

And this is how yoga saved me.
The light out there is the light in here.
The light in here is the light out there.

Light ignites light.
It takes courage to shine your light.
My friends, this world needs your courage.

So please,
Shine Your Light.

Resident Astrologer, Virginia Rosenberg writes:

“When darkness remains dark, it has the power to act upon us without our consent or knowing. Shine the light of awareness into realms that are dark. According to natural law, this is what creates alchemy; the transforming of dense or base substance into something more refined and pure.

When we shine our divine light in the mystery, darkness no longer holds power over us. The power is then given to Divine; consciousness itself. Consciousness is what we are. Nothing can truly hold power over consciousness. Continue to full forecast including key astrological dates like today.”

I think this describes a process that happens at Sacred on a regular basis. Space is held for us to illuminate our darkness and return to radiance and we do, imperfectly, in our own ways and on repeat.

Thank you for being part of this alchemy.
For showing up with your darkness.
For being generous AF with your light.
Thank you for your courage to shine –
Even when…
Especially because of…
In honor of…
And in hopes to
Right Now.

Happy Valentine’s Day.
Keep Shining.
Love. Dara