Gratitude for the Prison Yoga Project Benefit

Dear Friends,

One week ago, just like right now, I was up early, sleepless.

The problem?  I had just experienced one of those moments when life itself had expanded so much and so quickly, that it left me stumped, overwhelmed, full.

It was the morning after the Prison Yoga Benefit and my muscles ached from 108 Sun Salutations and my heart was so full of love and gratitude, that it left me nearly speechless.

I’m just coming to.

Someone asked James Fox about his early days, over 10 years ago, when he’d walk through the yards, yoga mat under his arm and the guards would tell him, “You’ll last a few months”  And the prisoners would tease him.  And only a few students would show up after the whole ordeal.  How’d you break through?

His answer?   You just show up.  Over and over again.  If it’s right you just show up doing what you do.  After a while we got in with a few shotcallers, the word spread, and then we started to add classes, and develop waiting lists.  But you have to show up.


For stopping by and putting a contribution in the box midday.

For taking a donation class.

For sending a prayer.

For catering the event unasked because it’s “important work”

For contributing 12 cases of beer personally because you wanted to do something.

For asking how it went?

For visiting the Prison Yoga website to learn why it matters.

For forgoing your usual routine, because the studio was closed.

For bringing your children to yoga class.

For soliciting local businesses for raffle prizes.

For contributing a dinner, a gift basket, a week at your vacation home, a tattoo, a piece of art, a massage, a pole party, an astrology reading and more to the silent auction.

For coordinating musicians.

For carrying and transporting equipment.

For hanging flyers.

For spreading the word.

For buying a t-shirt.

For singing and playing your hearts’ songs.

For sharing a monologue that brought the crowd to a standstill.

For volunteering, organizing and cleaning up.

For your contribution.

For showing up exactly as you did because you understand the world needs this.

Together, we are so powerful together.  Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

By the way, together we raised over $2500.