Inversion Immersion Take 2 with Anna Farkas – Sept 20

anna-farkas-smallAre you feeling stuck…on the ground? Learn to fly and experience the freedom and weightlessness of being upside down! Inversions stimulate the mind, increase energy, and lift and strengthen the spirit and body. We will explore the anatomy of inversions and play with asanas with beginning to advanced variations to begin or deepen your practice. Allow this investigation of your physical and mental edges to empower your life off the mat. Inversions are really about finding self-love, courage, patience and love of the process. When we go upside down we literally shake our energy up, this is where we can reset the old paradigms and create space for more love.

Date: Saturday, Sept 20, 2014
Time: 2-4pm
$20 for Members*, $30 for non-membersSign Up Now*Members are students on autopay, work-study, or yearly packages

About the Teacher

anna_farkaAnna is a supportive and encouraging yoga teacher based in New York City. She is also a Health and Wellness consultant and a professional dancer with extensive work with teenagers.

Anna found yoga through her classical dance training and quickly experienced a total life transformation. Anna’s teacher wisely observed, “You didn’t come to teacher training to learn how to teach, you came to open your heart!” And open it did. Her life perspective is that all moments are sacred and filled with gifts. She’s since had the opportunity to work and learn from incredibly gifted and giving teachers.