It’s our anniversary!

One year ago, construction still underway, we hosted our grand opening party.  The night before a crew of my besties descended upon Sacred, we rolled up our sleeves and we cleaned for hours.  The floor delivery was late, so we practiced our first yoga class on cement.  The window installation was a disaster so the contractor hung plastic.   The teaching staff wore red.  My soulmate best friend, Jeni Fujita sang “Feelin’ Good” by Niba Simone and Xena Simone, my then 3 year old cut the red ribbon.  We danced and partied until the wee hours.  One by one, the most remarkable souls entered the space.  An older goddess I had never met gifted me the tibetan prayer flags that hang around Sacred front desk and a mirror.  She said she didn’t have much but felt deeply Sacred should have these items.  We exchanged one of the most profound hugs of my life.  It’s been like that ever since.  Miracle after miracle!  Instant community.   If I could roll my gratitude out like a red carpet it would extend straight from my heart and wrap around the world three times.  Thank you for being you, coming as you are, and being part of this dream that sustains, heals and brings me so much joy!  I hope you will come to our anniversary celebration on March 10th – details coming soon! Tonight we begin the celebration with our music only class at 6:30pm, the theme is simply sacred.  If you have a song you’d like include in the sacred playlist, send the title and artist this way!


Pre-Construction Manifesting

2/19/12 The Red Ribbon! Photo by Shell Sheddy

1st Communtity Class, Opening Day Photo by S. Sheddy

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