July: Embracing Emotion

June was a rough ride.

I was grateful for the forewarning in our resident astrologer Virginia Rosenberg’s June forecast and her strategic advice to relinquish attempts to control outcome and insist on curiosity.  As I stood in the aftermath of my personal windstorm, trying to salvage, dust-off and reassemble my Self only for the rains to resume, I found my rainbow, a raw and open heart: an unexpected new beginning.  A hectic and humbling time have disarmed me, heart to earth, listening for what really matters.

For those of you who have taken class with me or shared space, we’ve been here together less planned, less scripted, inside a quieter space. I’ve seen so many students emerge from classes this week across the board, cheeks tear-stained, “I didn’t even know that was in there”.  Even the dressing room conversation has had a tone of gentle reprieve from the personal and communal experience of SO MUCH EVERYTHING.
And then this morning Virginia emailed me the July  2016 Forecast: Embracing Emotion and poetically and eloquently explained my whole state of affairs:
June began in a frenzy and ended in a watery climate of intense, raw sensitivity. Mars and Chiron stationing June 27/28 could have felt wounding. It could have felt healing. Delicately Dark and Light, at once. The energy of birth and death are one. Birth begets Death. Death begets Birth.
Birth and Death are Portals of Consciousness.
Perhaps in all cases, the wound is what heals us. Heartbreak brings us closer to ourselves. Loss brings us closer to our loved ones. Tragedy magnifies life; making it so intense and merged with our being that it is difficult to bear. Yet simultaneously, life seems to exist in realms beyond our reach.
The recent Mars Retrograde period has come to conclusion. Mars Retrograde in Scorpio gave rise to our most hidden compulsions. The scary bits of ourselves we can’t see. The parts of our being that feel beyond our control. The elements that seem to possess us and remove us from our essential power. The obsessions and un-resolvable emotional attachments. The fears and unconscious psychological material that drives our behavior and threatens to destroy us unless brought to light.
During Mars Retrograde, we dove into those wells. We met with ghosts from the past and measured their influence. We reckoned with severity. We were infused with a spirit of surrender. And we may have touched the source of something. Essence. Orgasm. True power.
Death and Birth are One. The Wound is Healing. Our Greatest Fear is Our Greatest Love. Pain and Pleasure are Inseparable Lovers.
As the heart breaks, it Opens.
As fissures crack the surface, the true essence underneath reveals itself and expands.
We are made to constantly expand our capacity to Love. To Exist. To experience. To witness and be witnessed.
Can we be here and accept all of it?
Can we Embrace Emotion?
For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been crying every day. Spontaneous tears that erupt when I’m driving. When I’m sitting with clients. When I’m praying and holding hands with my friends. Often, when clients sit with me, they cry. And so many of them apologize.
“I’m sorry, I’m a mess. I didn’t think I’d cry.”
Please do not be sorry for your tears. They are a gift. Many traditions of lore revered tears as potent healing medicine for self and others.
Emotions are intelligent. They are not something to fear or run from. Emotion and sensitivity are an inborn navigation system to be heeded and honored. Feelings are a gift. They are our birthright. Let them be. Allow for them to exist, to pass through, or to hold on. Give them expression. Talk about them. Share them. Be witness to them. Let them inspire and guide.
The miracle of life was not given to be denied, ignored, or numbed. The miracle of life on Earth has been offered to you, Choose your Own Adventure style. How will you embrace it?
Read the whole forecast here.
Embodied, this theme feels like Goddess Pose, Spider Variation.
Released, humbled, gaze within. Still inside the web of complexity.  You are the builder. A cave of limbs, spine, and head and hair to hold the heart.