June: Curiosity

Curious George is a silly monkey. His curiosity often leads him to break the rules and break boundaries. Interestingly enough, his good natured, yet defiant sneaky ways make him extra-lovable and lead him (and the reader by association) on the most wonderful of adventures.

I remember the first time, I heard a yoga teacher instruct me to, “Get Curious” about the sensations in my body. Amidst the pain or discomfort, the whirling mind and the beautiful chaos of the world, become fascinated. For me – getting curious is kind of like people watching your own person. Instead of falling into the habitual analytical self, become fascinated, even by your own bullshit. The teacher was Ana Forrest, she’d been at the cusp of death more than once and chose life in all it’s wonderment. All of the sudden, I was like Whoa! Check out how I process, internalize, embody, dissect, engage, obstruct, surrender, burden. Me, watching me… Curiosity, like George, is brimming with playful – that’s good medicine for more than just the man with the yellow hat. It takes the pressure off.

Stay Together or Break Up? Get Curious.
Move or Stay? Get Curious
Send or Delete? Get Curious
Accept or Dismiss? Get Curious
New Job or Old Job? Get Curious

According to our resident astrologer, Virginia Rosenberg:
June looks like a bumpy ride. Or a windstorm. It is characterized by swirling, staticy energies that really require us to stay in our center. If you do fall off center, observe. It’s all good. Being centered and being off center are both invitations to learn. THIS MONTH IS PIVOTAL. (Read the whole forecast here. Really do it – the relationship piece had me like whoa).

Curiosity is the default method she encourages as your approach to life this month.

I’m grateful (in advance) for all the teachers and community members who will shed light on and create space to explore this theme in the coming weeks.


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