Kemetic Yoga: Darshania’s Journey

yoga forward bend
I was introduced to Kemetic ( Egyptian ) Yoga in 1996. The feeling that I received from learning and practicing this ancient way gave me a whole new way to look at myself and in myself. I was very ecstatic to learn that ancient Egyptians practiced yoga and it gave me a confidence about myself at a young age. At the time, my friends and tribe were all into studying about Kemet and the Metu Neter (Hieroglyphs). Over the course of 20 years, I would go on to study with many different teachers, many types of yoga. All of them provided me with greater tools to continue my journey inward and I value them all for what they have given me in their for of gifts.

My Journey in teaching and practicing Kemetic Yoga is one that has continued to expand me and open me up and reveal me to myself in ways that I could not imagine. The Kemetic Yoga that I teach and practice is founded and created by Yirser Ra Hotep, he has developed the only certified Kemetic Yoga teacher course in the world. The practice of rule of four breathing, incorporates our being tuned into “Shu” or the breath, also our life force. In Kemetic Yoga, we use our breath to flow in our postures and allow it to move us CAM05998through the practice.

The asana or postures in this practice are similar to ones you may have seen before. We will do cat/cow or what people know as downward dog but we call it pyramid, in this context we are connecting the power of the Pyramid with ourselves and empowering ourselves through our practice in being channels and conduits of energy. There are many things in this modern day society that is rooted in Ancient Kemetic principles. We are encouraged to live the principles of Maat or the ancient Egyptian concept of truth, balance, order, harmony, law, morality, and justice.

For instance, my teacher says that the word “Hatha” Yoga in itself came from the root word of Hathor or our sacred cow Goddess in Ancient Kemekingst. Kemetic Yoga postures are ones you may see in various temples and sacred places in Kemet. We do these postures to call upon and give praise to our ancestors and to invoke the healing energy that each deity or Neter carries with them.

In Kemetic Yoga, we tune in to and align with the Neters (Gods) to raise our vibration and manifest i our own inner Gods/ Goddesses. The Kemetic Yoga lifestyle also encourages the study of the history, the chanting of mantras, the eating of specific alkaline foods / plant based foods to maximize on the benefits and consistent practice.

Benefits include: Stretching and toning the muscles; stimulates blood pharoph-tour2circulation; activate deeper breathing; stimulate the organs of digestion, restructure and align the skeletal system. Develop concentration; control thoughts, increase ability to learn; improve decision making skills, eliminate stress, anger, frustration, anxiety, jealousy, negative self-image. Become aware the existence of the energy body and the life force that fuels it; remove blockages from the channels through which energy flows; increase the level and intensity of energy. Experience oneness with all of creation; connect with the Kemetic divine forces of nature; communicate and connect with your ancestors!

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