The Astrological Theme for March 2016: Letting Go

Guest Blog by Astrologer Virgina Rosenberg

The Astrological Theme for 2016: Massive growth through Embracing Change

The Astrological Theme for March 2016: Letting Go.

As the sun travels through Pisces, we are in the season of release. This summer promises to be very active and external, so take time now to prepare with rest, reflection, dreaming, and recalibration. Feel the sway of emotional tides. What bubbles up from within wants to pass through uninhibited. All things return to the ocean. Honor the things beyond your control. Be humbled by the great Oneness: the subtle source of everything.


This month is influenced by 2 powerful eclipses on March 8th and March 23rd. Eclipses are turning points. They reveal to us things we may not have seen clearly before.


The March 8th New Moon Eclipse in Pisces is particularly potent. Long-held beliefs and emotional attachments will be purified. This, too, shall pass. Be like water. Open to the changes taking place, and allow yourself to flow.
When we become aware of the astrological forces at play, we can consciously align with them and make it easier for nature to move through us. This month, preferably on March 8th, take some time to physically release something symbolic into a body of water.
What are you letting go of?

Whisper your answer into a stone, or something indicative of what you are parting from. Infuse the energy you no longer wish to carry into this item. Send it into a river, a pond, or even down the drain.

How do you feel now that you have let go?
Move that feeling into your body, with breath and intention.

Now that you have let go of this energy,
What will you dream into being in its place?
The March 8th Eclipse is VERY POWERFUL, incorporating every major planet in the sky above. It is a rare, miraculous opportunity to release longstanding collective patterns and illusions that no longer serve the highest good.
Where does this Eclipse fall in your chart? What planets/aspects of your personality does it impact? How is this evolving you, now?
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