Love that Body Bootcamp with Stephanie Severe

The only boot camp that knows how to keep it Sacred! Strengthen your whole body, inside & out, utilizing bands, blocks and jump ropes. Join Personal Trainer, Stephanie Severe, for 6 weeks of early morning body love and power through this last blast of cold.

Workshop Details

February 10th – March 19th
Mondays & Wednesdays
7 – 7:45am

$180 Non-Members
$90 Members

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Teacher Bio

Stephanie-Severe-smallI live to move. I didn’t always live to move. My family still can’t believe I’m the one giving health and wellness advice! I found my passion for fitness in my late teens after I unintentionally lost some weight and realized how much better I felt. No more chicken fingers and fries after school, I surrounded myself with a new crowd and new energy. I ran out and got myself a gym membership at Bally’s and was hooked. I eventually moved up in the world and joined an upscale all womens gym. I fell so deep in love I quit my desk job and started working there full time. This is when I saw the beauty in every women that walked in the door. I saw the strength in the tall and lean, the endurance in the short and stout, the dedication in the young and old, and the womanliness in the curvaceous. My eyes were wide open.