Meet me in Hawaii? Aloha Brooklyn!

We promise the most fun you will have in February. Join us for a Surfs Up Sunday afternoon for a warm Indoor Surfing lesson followed by Hula Lesson by world class professionals.  It’ll be as close as you can get to Hawaii in Brooklyn Wintertime.  Take the each class separately or sign up for the whole Hawaii.

3 Pm – 4pm Indoor Surfing with Beth Elliott

In this 1 hour “dry lesson” you will find out if you are a ‘goofy-foot’ or ‘regular foot’ surfer, learn the best way to pop up and stand to surf, and learn how to turn while surfing! She will present surfing history and surf etiquette, and teach you how to read a wave. And how to avoid regional potential hazards like rip currents, sunburns, ‘where do PUT my car keys when surfing’.  She will teach you how to avoid sea creatures like sea urchins in Maui, biting sandcrabs in NJ and sting rays in Costa Rica and surf spot ‘locals’ who can be even more hazardous than the sea creatures!  The most fun in February you will have in Brooklyn! You’ll feel like you’ve got salt water in your hair and sand between your toes! And get a workout!  Wear a bikini or surf shorts, She’ll provide everything else.  Aloha!

Beth Elliot is a surf instructor in Maui and The Hamptons.  Her easy-to-learn

methods, patient instruction and ‘go at your own pace’ philosophy have helped thousands of people catch their first wave. She has taught all shapes, sizes and abilities- a few students didn’t even know how to swim.  She taught Stand Up Paddle boarding on the Hudson River and surfed all over- the Hawaiian Islands, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica Catalina Island, CA and even New Hampshire.

4:30 Pm – 5:30pm Hula Dance with Mikaela Joy

Learn to tell the stories of Hawaii through graceful and elegant hand and body movements. Hula provides for both spiritual and physical wellness – improving strength, posture and balance of the whole individual. Connect your mind with your hands and feet, as hula works the entire body and provides a fun yet calming experience for the dancer and entertainment for the audience. With sexy movements and playful glances, hula encourages women of all ages, shapes and sizes to enjoy their sensuality.

Mikaela Joy fell in love with hula at the age of 4 but because of her extreme shyness, didn’t start taking class from Anna Linda until she turned 8. Mikaela has performed all over the country, including Hawaii, where she also spent 6 months living, learning an performing. During that time, the intensive studies provided Mikaela the unique opportunity to soak up the Hawaiian culture from two well-known Kumu Hula, James De la Cruz (of our sister halau, Na ‘Opio ‘O Ko’olau) and Sonny Ching (Halau Na Mamo ‘O Pu’uanahulu). As an add

ed honor, Uncle James bestowed upon Mikaela a Hawaiian name, Kala’iikapo (meaning “peace in the night”).

1 Class for $15 or 2 for $25.  Sign up here

Mahalo! Means Thank You!