Make your special event stand out with a Sacred Party! Celebrate a union, a birthday, an anniversary, or anything at all!

The Yoga Party

Everyone will continue to talk about how hot this party was! Featuring:

  • An inspirational  yoga class taught by a certified instructor
  • A Sacred yoga mat for the honoree!
  • Photo Opportunities
  • A Clean and Hygienic studio with Showers
  • Fun and Knowledgeable Teachers
  • Optional Music

Price includes up to 30 guest.

Other Parties

Do you want a party to celebrate the divine feminine that lives within you? Qoya is your answer!

Is your child crazy about his dance or yoga class? We host kid’s parties!

How about a Hula-Hooping or Jump party?

All of our parties are 90 minutes long, feature a class with dynamite instruction, photo opportunities, a gift for the honoree, and a celebratory toast.


A 90 minute party is $350

Longer parties, specialized themes, and tables for outside food and drink can be made available for additional charge.

Let’s Celebrate!

Fill out this form to get this party started. 

Sacred Brooklyn is closing. Our last day will be July 17. Please read our farewell announcement for more info.