Pay What You Desire Demo Week

September 16th-22nd – All Classes – All Week

Pay What You Desire- First Come, First Served

Pre-register for $5, $10, $15 classes or pay another amount at the door.


  • A conscious shift away from classes modeled after the Bikram method (more on why in a forthcoming blogpost, but no, it has nothing to do with being afraid of a lawsuit.)
  • Thursday night dedicated to community acupuncture and specialized workshops to go deep in the movement room
  • More classes, variety, and signature classes
  • Meditation built-in to the end of each yoga class. (optional)

Check the schedule, check the schedule, check the schedule + Sign up early to claim your spot.
New classes + new times + changes all week.

New Class Highlights

BodyRaq with Tamar Raqs –  A funked up version of the standard belly dance class with a focus on fun. Middle Eastern/North African Movement set to a trans global playlist. Shimmy, sweat, shine and get your sexy on. Raq your body! Sign up…

Feel the Pulse with the Pulse Project – We at The PULSE Project believe that everyone has a unique breath and quality in their dancing and we aim to harness that through this class. Whether you are a serious pole dance enthusiast, pole competitor, or a contemporary dancer, this class is for you. Sign up… 

Hoop Yoga with Christina Pierce -HoopYogini™ is transformational fitness combining hula hooping, hatha yoga and mindfulness meditation. Sign up….

Salt & Honey with Dara Cole – A 75 minute hot sweaty Sacred Flow class to release clear toxins and lactic acid through the skin followed by 15 minutes of delicious surrender using blocks and restorative poses in a dimly lit room.  Sign up….

Sacred Foundations 2x per week with Rachel Costello and Stephanie Battle -This warm class emphasizes correct form and alignment. In all disciplines (and life) a strong foundation is the key to sustained success. Sign up for Thursday with Stephanie Battle or Sunday with Rachel

Community Class will now vary it’s offerings.  Sometimes Flow Foundations. Sometimes Warm 60.  Always Beginner.  Always Followed by Meditation  First come, First Served.  No Sign Up Necessary.

Hot Flow Intensity with Chichi Egbuna – Sometimes life is intense and an intense class is the only therapy that works. This class is 105 degrees and 105 minutes of Hot Flow. Sign up…

Workshops – Pay-What You Desire & Sliding Scale

Love That Booty Camp with Stephanie Severe – Six weeks of stability, strength and power with full body exercises that will surely have your heart rate elevated, muscles burning and core engaged! Sign up

WATER FROM THE WELL with Imani Uzuri – Water From the Well is an engaging healing creative expression workshop created/facilitated by Imani Uzuri (vocalist, composer, performer)  Using multi-layered practices including vocalizing, journaling, storytelling, small/large group engagement, group sound-making, singing and chanting, Imani Uzuri, invites participants to dynamically and intimately explore their own creative expression. Sign up

Kid’s Classes + Open Play + Mommy & Me Classes
Pay What You Desire Demos

For Full Kid’s program info, including school pick-up and extended day options, go

Yo Re Mi (Ages 2-8) – Yo Re Mi is a musical yoga program for children. In each fun-filled session, we journey to exotic destinations using our bodies, voices, and imaginations. Sign Up

Capoeira (Ages 5-10) – Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines dance, gymnastics, and music. Kids who play Capoeira develop their coordination; balance; flexibility; strength; and rhythm. Sign up

Mommy and Me Fitness (Pre-Crawlers) – This demo will give you a taste of Stephanie Severe’s six week workshop for mothers and their non-crawling babies. Learn how to engage your core effectively, increase your strength and stability, and get the movement your body has been craving!  Sign up

Kid’s Open Play (Ages 5-10) – Enjoy your yoga class while your children have an open space for supervised play. In a structured and supervised environment, kids will build obstacle courses, climb poles, play disco freeze dance, yoga block jenga, and enjoy a wide open space to be kids.  Sign Up

Kid’s Open Play (Ages 2-5) No more excuses. Enjoy your yoga class while your children have an open space for supervised play. In a structured and supervised environment, kids will stretch, dance, learn and explore using tunnels, yoga blocks, mats and more. Sign Up

Community Acupuncture (Every Thursday from 2-6pm) with Lindsay Fauntleroy of Oceans & Rivers Acupuncture and Holistic Health

“Our Community itself is a Healing Force”

Community Acupuncture is a treatment model that allows friends, partners, family members and the Sacred community to be treated alongside each other in a common treatment space.   This group experience creates a collective healingenergy that enhances the power of each individual’s treatment.  We offer a sliding scale treatments ranging from $30 to 50.  Sessions are a full hour and space is limited.  Sign up here.

Love. Dara

PS.  We aren’t able to respond to feedback about these changes right now, but really do want to know what you think.  At the end of demo week, you will receive a survey asking for your input.  Thanks in advance.