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Meet Cresta Elisabeth White, Sacred Massage Therapist

CrestamassageIt seems hard to believe now that growing up I was the one who didn’t like to be touched. I was not a hugger or a cuddler and getting a massage was clearly out if the question, yet somehow the universe guided me to study massage therapy. As a student at the Oregon School of Massage I discovered what it is to be called to something. I realized in the full sense of the word how it felt to have an innate knowing, to somehow already have the understanding inside me. From that time on it has been a lifetime of study, practice and revelation of and about our bodies, our spirits and the ways in which they connect. My approach to healing is intuitive and energetic with roots in Eastern and Western eclectic medicine. I offer a variety of modalities including Swedish, Deep tissue, Myofascial release, Cranial-Sacral therapy, Shiatsu and Pre and Post-natal massage. My massage practice spans 15 years of communicating with bodies through therapeutic touch, essential oils, plant and food medicine.

“The body is made of earth and gold, sky and stars, rivers and oceans.
Nourish every nerve.
Know the living body of vastness that you are”

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Description of Services

Whether you are seeking an escape from the daily grind and deep relaxation or pain relief, massage at Sacred can help. Your massage will employ techniques from the following modalities.

Swedish/Relaxation Massage

Cresta blends Swedish technique with Shiatsu pressure point application. This massage combines gliding strokes, muscle kneading, gentle stretching, meridian release and mobilization to boost circulation and promote deep relaxation.

Deep Tissue/Massage for Pain Relief

Massage to address chronic pain and injuries, employing traditional western techniques such as Swedish strokes and myofascial release to alleviate tension and to target the muscles that are causing you pain. Got a spot in your shoulder that won’t budge? That lower back thing that’s been nagging you for years? We’ll get into it.

Prenatal Massage

Relaxation and pain relief for mamas to be. Using a bolstered sidelying position, prenatal massage relieves discomfort brought on by postural shifts and rapid body changes that occur during pregnancy as well as tensions of day to day living. The sidelying position is ridiculously comfortable and can also be used for postnatal massage if you’re not quite ready to lie face down.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I arrive for my massage?

When you arrive for your massage, you will be given a short, confidential intake form to fill out. You will then speak with your massage therapist about what you want to get out of your session – feeling generally stressed and want to tune out? Specific muscle bothering you? Not sure what’s going on with your hip and want to learn a little more? This is the time to put it out there. After discussing your wishes for the appointment, the therapist will leave the room to let you get undressed and settled on the table and will return when you are ready to begin the massage.

Does all that talking cut into my massage time?

Nope. If you book an hour-long massage and we talk for 10 minutes, you still get an hour of massage. Your time starts when the massage begins.

How naked am I supposed to get?

More often than not, massage therapists will tell you to go ahead and get undressed, or to undress to your level of comfort. But what does that mean? Some people remove all but their underwear, which allows for direct massage of the back and limbs. Some take it all off, which allows for more specific work on the posterior hip and glutes. It is totally up to you. Nursing and feel more comfortable keeping your bra on? We can work around it. Accustomed to taking it all off? Go for it. However much you choose to undress, you will be under a sheet and properly covered throughout your massage.

Does Massage hurt?

Massage therapy does not have to hurt in order to be effective. Our approach to deep work involves warming up your muscles before sinking in slowly, giving tissues time to soften and allow deeper work. It is just as effective as deep, painful pressure, but it feels much better. You may experience a “hurts so good” ache during your massage, an achy release, and that’s OK with us if it’s OK with you. But if you experience any pain discomfort during your massage, please speak up! This is your time to feel good, and it is entirely possible to release tension without causing pain.

I’m crazy ticklish. Can I still get a massage?

Our therapists have worked with many ticklish clients, and most of them have been surprised to find that they’re actually OK with massage. More often than not, a firm touch and an understanding of the squeamish spots is enough to soothe even the most ticklish person.

Can massage help with specific medical conditions and injuries?

Massage therapy can be a great way to assist with healing from various injuries and illnesses, but it is also contraindicated for certain conditions. If you have a medical condition and are not sure if massage is right for you, please call or email your massage therapist ahead of time to learn more.

Can I get a massage right after class at Sacred?

Yes – and it’s the best thing ever. Allow time to drink some water and cool down a little, then come on in. Classes at Sacred are a great opportunity to check in with your body and see what needs a little extra love. Getting massage with that fresh in your mind, muscles already warmed up from working, makes for a great session.

How do I book my massage?

Ready to relax? Book your appointment now. If you are looking for a last minute appointment, or if you are seeking an appointment time that is not available online, please contact your therapist directly. Additional appointments may be available.


  • $95/hour
  • $135/90 minutes

Special offer: $80 for your first one-hour session. (Offer Available through the end of February 2016)

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    • $500/Six one-hour massages
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