Sacred Desires

If you haven’t heard from me lately, it’s because currently I’m totally obsessed with my new love, my upcoming studio, “sacred”. Wanna know how I met her? Craigslist. She was a cheap date in the right location, and most importantly available. I got that electric surge in my body, evidencing I was on to something so I asked my friend Hot Sauce to join me to ease the initial introduction. In preparation, me and Sauce did some top secret manifesting rituals, then high-heeled our way over there. That was almost a year ago. There she was, my beautiful crap-hole, the object of my desire. She was a cold metal shop, dusty, dirty, rugged and full of 4000 square feet of possibility.

Before Craiglist, was a crystal clear desire for a space that was big enough for yoga and other types of cool movement I’m over the moon about and close enough that I could transform this hood I’ve call home for 13 years, and ultimately for crazy off the charts amazing chemistry.

And since desires are so mind-blowingly powerful, particularly when named and then released into the stratosphere with YES, I’m lining the walls with ‘em. I use, “desire” because it speaks to that lust and the emotional hunger we all experience in our creative process. If intention is more your speed, then by all means intend. For me, want is too whiney and goals preclude magic.

A few weeks ago, some of my spiritual high-roller friends in the world of yoga, movement and dance came through and we Sharpied our desires all over and then sealed them with a sage and song. There’s still a little time though. There’s a couple days until the cement truck rolls in and the construction of this movement playground begins full-on. I’ve got a small bag filled with Sharpies and a smudge stick hanging by the door. Close to Bed-Stuy? I can meet you there. Or you can email me your desires and I will graffiti them into permanence. I will be your personal secretary of desire manifestation.

Someday in January, the red ribbon will be cut, the music will blaze, and we will begin to dance it up secretly surrounded by your deepest desires. Don’t miss the party, get on the guest list here.

PS. Hold this BIG desire for me, Grand Opening jump off date – 1.11.11

It’s so good.