This invitation is hot – like REALLY hot!

Guess what! Friday, alongside the last minute Christmas presents, our promo cards arrived.  Like a kid on Christmas morning, I clawed those boxes open. (I never did celebrate Christmas when I was a kid – so fun) Gasp! They are magnificent. I see each card as a personal invitation to YOU!
So here it is,
This holiday season and always:   (Okay, deep breath here…)

I invite you to revel in your divinity through movement.I invite you to slow down and listen to your deepest truth.    I invite you to remember that the best part is now, right now. Don’t miss it.  I invite you to take that first step with the curiosity and innocence of a baby.  I invite you to integrate your disparate parts and reclaim your wholeness completely.  I invite you to laugh with abandon at the sheer lunacy of this experience right now.  I invite you to honor the grief with the fullest expression. Let it be and then let it be again. I invite you to unveil, shake and shimmy the shame until it’s even less than shameless.  Where did that shame go? Oh well.    I invite you to be a part of this movement to move, from the inside – out.  As I invite you, I invite myself.  I keep being reminded there is no separation.  Right?

So here we are. Wow, this feels good.  The floors have been poured. Hi floors!  The framing is up. Yes! The electrical and plumbing are coming along. Light!Water!Most of the teachers are hired. Wait till you meet them. The website is in the midst of creation. A million and one details are being tended to and forgotten and tended to again and I am well….floored.

YOU show up over and over again and I swell with gratitude.

And I recognize that the soul of this project expands far and wide and especially to you.That’s why I stayed up late to write this. If you like you can imagine this invitation written with gold calligraphy cause that’s how I feel when I write to someone like you.

And if you still feel excluded then know this:
If you are big on heart and low on cash, I invite you to be the hands of Sacred, the workforce that opens the doors, washes the mats, and holds the space to it’s name.  Also known as work-study.  I’ll need need 21 dedicated workers to start!
Oh and by the way Saturday’s at noon there will be a community class, always free.
If you are a parent of a young child, I invite you to sign him or her up for a kid’s class and refuel with your own yoga class next door, simultaneously. Yes, there will be sibling discounts.

If you are too big, too tight, too old, too young, too far gone, too sick, too outside, too clumsy, too shy, too busy, too scared, too wrong, come on in!.  It’s very simple. This place was made for you.  There is a space for you.

Begin as you are. It’s perfect. Everyone is invited to this sacred party.
So bring it.

Now that WE are all here (me as you and you as me), we have a lot of invitations to pass out.  Does anyone want to take a stack?  I’m serious!  Send me an email at and I’ll give you a tour of the studio and as many cards as you want to carry