Class Descriptions

Note to Beginners:  All of our yoga offerings are open to beginners.  The most important factors for success are commitment and consistency.  If you show up regularly and do what you are able to, you will be able to do more and more each day with immediate benefits for your mind, body and spirit.   The classes are listed in an approximation of difficult from least to most difficult.

Community Class

Always Free – Always Community. Get there early to reserve your spot. First come, first served. Class is Free. Mat and Towels are rented by a donation of whatever you can. Bring water from home. Sometimes Flow, Sometimes Warm 60, Sometimes Foundations. Always a hot + safe challenge for newbies and regular practitioners. Class is followed by an optional 30 minute meditation.
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Get Up – Get Down

Get Up as in – inversions, rising to the top, elevating, levitating. Get Down as in – going deep, grounding, building a solid foundation, riding a really really good beat. Join us for a non-heated flow class with an emphasis on poses that are more suitable for a non-heated room (think forearm stands, wall play, beginner inversions). Be prepared to sweat.
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Hot Flow Intensity

Sometimes life is intense and an intense class is the only therapy that works. This class is 105 degrees and 105 minutes of Hot Flow. From World Beats to Classic House, the soundtrack matches the intensity. Also known as Brooklyn Go Hard Yoga, this ones for the warrior in you.
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Hot Wind Down

Sacred Flow with ambience. Release your week with a vigorous flow class practiced in serene conditions. Let incense, candlelight and a soulful playlist take you there.
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Hot Yoga Jams

Few Words. Just music. You can even add a song to the playlist by requesting it on Facebook. This class is only for students who have taken at least 5 hot yoga classes prior. Since there is no verbal instruction a basic understanding of form, breath, and body/mind connection is required. Classes vary between basic repeated flow sequences and the poses featured in the Warm 60 classes.
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Sacred Flow

Sacred’s signature hot flow class blends breath with series of yoga poses. Be prepared to sweat through challenging sequences guaranteed to strengthen and release your body and mind. This class is appropriate for all levels. Beginners are encouraged to move at their own pace, modify, and take breaks as needed. Classes usually have music.
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Sacred Foundations

This warm class emphasizes correct form and alignment. In all disciplines (and life) a strong foundation is the key to sustained success. Foundations prevent injury, burnout, and muscle weakness. Beginning and seasoned yogi alike, prepare to surrender your ego to the challenge of refined technique.
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Salt + Honey

A sweaty Sacred Flow class to release Salt – Clear toxins and lactic acid through the skin to de-stress and detoxify. Honey – 15 minutes of delicious surrender using blocks and restorative poses in a dimly lit room. Yum.
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Warm 60

This 60 minute, warm class follows a set sequence that creates a great foundational yoga practice. With an emphasis on verbal instruction and without the distraction of music, students develop a keen body awareness. The poses have proven to be very therapeutic and do-able for most body types, health conditions, and fitness leveled.
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