What to expect

While no two evolation classes will ever be quite the same (we can’t transform you if we don’t transform ourselves), most things remain constant. That means there are some standard things you can expect: most importantly, the need for an open mind and a readiness to sweat. Beyond that, here are some tips to prepare you from the inside out:

before class

  • Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach, so we recommended you don’t eat at least 2 hours before class.
  • Water’s another story; make sure you come well hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day.
  • Wear whatever lets you move freely and sweat amply.
  • Skip the perfume or scent; while it smells great on a date, your yoga mates might not appreciate it.

when you arrive

  • Come 15 minutes early to register.
  • Leave your shoes outside the room and turn your cell phone off.
  • Mention any injuries or special conditions to the teacher at the beginning of the class so he or she can better guide you.

during class

  • No experience or flexibility is required, so don’t worry if a particular pose seems daunting. Yoga practice is exactly that – a continual learning process for everyone, regardless of how long they’ve been doing it.
  • Abandon the competitive mindset. There’s no winner or first place in yoga and meditation.
  • Keep your eyes on your own practice. It’s only through self-observation that we can calm the mind, open the heart and accelerate our evolution.
  • Be kind, loving and accepting of yourself. Do what you can with what you have – wherever you are. With yoga, that’s the perfect place to be.