Fitness Classes


Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines dance, gymnastics, and music. The movements taught in Capoeira class will develop your coordination; balance; flexibility; strength; cardio; rhythm; and creative thinking. You will also develop a beginning Portuguese vocabulary by learning the movements and the music of Capoeira, as well as the origins and history of the art form. Capoeira is extremely active and gives you the opportunity to express yourself in a fun and positive way.
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Hot Mess (Hot Core)

Developed by our very own, Aimee Cox, this Core class combines meditation, stretching and core exercises that allow you to tap into your deep center. We embrace that we all feel like a hot mess sometimes and through the practice we develop more control over our bodies and our lives leading to a deeper peace, and maybe even less hot messiness.
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A practice for your body, heart and mind. IntenSati is an exhilarating workout that builds physical, mental, and spiritual muscle. Courage, confidence, willpower, enthusiasm, self-respect, and a strong, healthy body are all results of this powerful and FUN practice. IntenSati combines high-energy, total-body training with powerful, positive statements that you either think or speak. You will learn to tap into the power of the present moment in order to embody –rather than just think or talk about – your BOLDEST, MOST EMPOWERED, BEST SELF. Wearing sneakers is suggested for this practice.
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The Vertical Challenge

Are you vertically challenged?
Boost your power, align your posture & defy gravity in this action-packed class that mixes jungle gym antics with Pilates principles and traditional strength training plus dope beats and a lot of creativity. Go from confidently grounded to fearlessly airborne in one hour using vertical poles, ballet bars and the studio walls as your source of stability, resistance and apparatus to play on. Come build your strength, stamina and control to stand tall and take flight.
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