Sacred’s Very Own, Roz Mays “The Diva” BRINGS IT!

I probably should wait until the videos erupt on Youtube before I send this, but I just can’t help myself. My voice is hoarse and my heart is burst wide open because THE DIVA WON POLESQUE LAST NIGHT! Polesque is a jaw-dropping night of pole-dancing and burlesque performances featuring the most friendly amateur pole-dancing competition ever. Sacred’s very own, Roz Mays, “The Diva”, took home the crown proving that presence trumps size and fancy tricks. In other words, she brought it, and brought the house down.

In a 3-minute number, she claimed her full-on sexy, bad-ass, nasty, sultry, outrageous, gorgeous, and courageous divinity. Simultaneously, she kicked to the curb the culture’s limited definitions of what it is to be beautiful. The best part is she demonstrated for all of us that we can too. This is the potential of feminine movement – to reclaim sexy on our own terms.

Sacred teacher and Polesque finalist, Tracee Kafer, danced with devastating beauty a woman’s heartbreak. She transformed the very experience we usually try to hide, fix, or avoid at all costs into art. Let’s not forget our bad-ass JillAnne who fully high-stepped into the role of cowgirl, replete with broad-rimmed hat, popgun, chaps and all!

Let’s face it, there is not a woman in this world whose relationship with her own sexuality hasn’t been disrupted by the culture’s definitions of what a woman is supposed to look and act like. The Polesque artists, producers, and talent demonstrated how through feminine movement, women can reclaim the rapture that is EVERY WOMAN. And what a relief for the men in our lives, whether family, friend, acquaintance or stranger who get the privilege of finally meeting us confident and whole!

I am moved, inspired and flat out grateful.

Videos coming soon.



Ps. Inspired to try?  Make sure you pre-register on-line and arrive 10 minutes early to guarantee your spot.  Classes are filling up fast!  Male students WELCOME Fridays @ 12pm.