May: Steady Growth

When I teach, I am often in awe of the dedication I witness on the mat.  Often we set intentions at the top of class to tether our discipline and work to something grander than a physical conquest.  Each moment becomes an opportunity to embody our intentions, through breath, focus, mindfulness, and attention we become more of who we really are.
So why is it that the people I know who are the most dedicated seem to be the hardest on themselves?  Just this morning a friend lamented she’d lost her connection to her magic.  Another cried real tears because she misbelieved a miscommunication meant that she had caused large scale disappointment. When are humanness insists on showing itself as imperfect especially in public, we have a habit of giving ourselves an emotional beating we wouldn’t wish on anyone.
May’s astrological theme is Steady Growth.  I hold it in my heart as a reminder that we are all doing our BEST.  Growth happens one thought, one breath, one class, one conversation, one connection, one moment at a time, often accompanied by a good dose of fear and a willingness to do the work anyway.  Measure your growth not only in terms of how much or how often but in terms of how well you have loved yourself and others in the process.  Commit to steady growth that allows light and waters to penetrate even in the weedy, wormy, tangles of a full vibrant life.  I often have to remind myself to get spacious and allow room for it all.
May is the season not only for continuing to plod along rooting and rising, but also for acknowledging the growth that has already taken place already.  Glance back with gratitude and acknowledge your perfect and graceful timing even when it doesn’t seem to match your expectations.
May is my birthday month.  My present to myself will be a session with our resident Astrologer, Virgina Rosenberg.   She’s visiting New York from May 2nd-May 12th.  My last reading with her was a couples reading. It was so useful in helping us identify astrologically our strengths and challenges and develop real tools to bridge the gap.  Visually, she laid one chart on top of the other.  It was fascinating to see where we were the same, different, polar opposites and more.  She assisted in reading the charts in depth and then answered our pressing questions.  INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE.  This round, will be all for me and one question I will absolutely be asking is about how to access PATIENCE to continue to grow steadily towards my next desires.  As a Taurus I like to charge forward but sometimes I find myself just butting horns, if you know what I mean.  Some of you know what I mean.
If you are interested in a reading, Virginia Rosenberg will be offering personal and couples Akashic Record and Astrology Readings at Sacred. Book here or email for more information.
Sessions are priced by time length:
$60/30 mins, $90/45 mins, $120/hour.
All readings come with free audio recording emailed to your inbox.
Please come with birth date, time, and location. Think of an intention for your session and up to 5 questions or areas to explore. If birth time is approximate or unknown, readings are still possible and accurate.
Can’t swing a session?  Attend this workshop!  Or do both….
Effulgence with Virginia Rosenberg and Stephanie Severe
Saturday, May 7th 
5:00pm – 7:30pm
Through Qoya (combining movement, ritual, and community), aligned with the TaurusNew Moon, we sow seeds to nourish richness and fertility, and come together to share the nectar. This dance is an embodied prayer to encircle ourselves and each other with Effulgence: the radiant splendor of the full spectrum of being.  Sign up here
Here’s this month’s abbreviated astrological forecast:
In the past 2 months, we’ve seen many shifts. Many layers and landscapes of change, inner and outer. The theme for March was “Letting Go.” April was “NewLife.” An old version of self and life has washed away. The spark of life within each creative individual has been stoked. Now let’s harness our strength, expose our truest desires, and sow seeds to see them to fruition.
Considering all the changes that have recently taken place, May offers enough stability to root a new reality. A Grand Trine in Earth throughout the month encourages us to focus, gather our resources, use patience, industry, and pragmatism to grow proverbial corn in our lives.
What foundation are you building upon? Amidst all of the changes, what remains stable? What is worth your devoted attentions? Which attachments are worth nurturing? Simplify your interests. Identify your core values. Make solid investments in what matters most.
The astrology of May 2016 gives tremendous support for conscious manifestation. Begin with gratitude and appreciation. How fertile your world is! Lavish yourself in the richness of now. More than ever, we have an opportunity to make love manifest, take pleasure in ripening, and reap our reward.
Indulge in the extended forecast here