Take the January Challenge! Go 30 Days Straight, Earn 30 Days Free

Hats off to a New Year.  Let’s do this!

How it Works

1. Pay for your 30 Days.  Need some advise about which package to buy?  Go here.

2. Sign up at the bottom of this page.

3. Come every day to a yoga class at Sacred for 30 consecutive days beginning somewhere between January 1st and January 5th.

4. SIGN IN every single day.

5. Celebrate with a free month on us.


1. Can I miss one and do a double?  No. It’s every single day.

2. Can I take class somewhere else on this one day because (insert work, family or social obligation) No, not for any reason.

3. What if I sign up but don’t complete it? Then you will have still have done a lot of yoga.

Sign me up for the 30 Day Challenge!

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